A New Beginning
Skip Stein
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The End of One Company ~ A New Beginning


March 12th, 2017 was sort of a sad day.  I filed my last 1020S. After some 20 years, I closed my company, Management Systems Consulting, Inc., a Sub-S corporation.  No one wants to hire a consultant that knows too much and is over 73!  I will be devoting most of my time to Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and its related activities, focusing on helping others prevent/reverse disease.  My gateway to my business interests is HJS Enterprises.


I have traveled the world, working in China, Europe, Canada and all across the USA.  I have met and worked with some truly amazing people over all these years and many, many, remain my friends.  Thank you, all of you!


It has been a grand adventure but with several new business ventures I’ve begun over recent years I have no fear of boredom!  Actually, I am busier than ever.  I find that IT Consulting is a fairly narrow and restricting career, but working with PEOPLE to help make them healthier is a wondrous activity.


Surviving deadly cancer can certainly change one’s perspective and it certainly did mine; ALL for the better I might add.  Now  over 77+ (March 20th) I focus on ‘paying it forward’ to help others and pass on what I have learned and experienced since my deadly diagnosis. SURPRISE, I’m still alive!


Still Alive, kicking and actually maybe healthier that I have been in decades.  I certainly have more energy than ever.  I can’t take all the credit; most of it actually belongs to my lovely wife, Nancy, who has put up with me over these past 30+ years.  She was phenomenal and continues to be.  She is now Certified in Plant Based Nutrition and a Plant Based Chef, all the while learning to prepare healthy meals for me as I fought/surmounted my cancer.  Now as Chef Nancy, she has written a book about our journey and the delicious meals we enjoy.  I hope you consider purchasing “Restoring America’s Health”; available on Amazon.


So, I put Management Systems Consulting, Inc., into the archive along with all the memories and experiences I have enjoyed.  I think the next 20 years or more might be even more productive and I expect, definitely more FUN.  If you or a loved one, ever need help with combating disease, recovering from illness or just want to avoid getting sick by preventative measures; please give me a call!  We have a DELICIOUS approach to Health & Wellness to offer!


Experience Counts!