It's Great to Be Alive
Skip Stein
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One thing you realize when you reach 77+ is that life is SO very Short. While I still plan a long life (after all 77 is just middle-age) I can look back and not regret placing family and personal LIFE before just career.  Having shared my life with so many great people along the way gives me a sense of accomplishment that a simple large bank account could NEVER do.  After 60+ years in the workforce of America (yes, I started with my first paper route at 10 years old), I have accomplished much, seen many wonders but always remain faithful and thankful for my family and friends. 


It comes that time of year when you can look back and evaluate your past year. The good, bad, the difficult and obstacles you have overcome or are striving to overcome. Now is the time to re-evaluate your successes and yes, your failures too! Be Thankful that you are still ALIVE and able to make the assessment; many are not.


To all my friends, supporters, clients and, most importantly, my loving family, I want to say THANK YOU for everything. Everything you have done and continue to do for me, you make my life wondrous and vital and SO worth living.


My special thanks must go to my lovely, beautiful and talented wife Nancy, without who's help, support and encouragement, I would no doubt be dead, a pile of ashes to be flushed.  And to my lovely daughter, Nicole, who I cherish with all my heart.  Nicole has a wonderful husband, Brad, and SEVEN (7) absolutely fantastic children, MY Grandkids.  They continue to enliven and entertain and I am in awe of their life and potential.


What a glorious time it has been! Yes GLORIOUS as we have learned and crafted a lifestyle that not only allows me, with Nancy, to be healthy and ALIVE but has enabled US to enjoy the wonders of life, nature and our Beautiful Country, the USA.


You see, traditional medical doctors, ALL said I would be dead years ago; despite any 'treatment' they prescribed. Yea, D_E_A_D, spell it out! Luckily I was able to tell them all to go for a long walk off a very short pier! With the research, support and work of my lovely Nancy, we have both been able to get well; even better than well, VIBRANT and Energetic and full of LIFE.


While we are so fortunate to be vibrant and ALIVE, we see so many others who suffer debilitating and deadly diseases that are, for the most part, caused by their lifestyle. Yes, choosing the wrong lifestyle, as many/most Americans have over the past few decades, has lead to a pandemic of fat, sick and nearly dead Americans.


Suffering from diabetes 2, chronic heart disease and yes, cancer and more, Americans have embraced the lifestyle that is at the root of most of these diseases. Speaking from experience I was one of them but managed to seek out help from non-traditional sources and have managed to LIVE a wonderful life; rejecting the notion that I was sick and would die, I decided to LIVE.


Embracing your life and taking CONTROL of how you live; disregarding those who say you can't or that you are dying, is key to regaining your health and vitality. Even if you aren't sick today, tomorrow you very well could be if you continue on a path of traditional American lifestyle and the Standard American Diet.


Take Control and CHANGE your lifestyle. It is truly EASY and that may be the biggest single problem for people to accept. It is EASY! Not painful, no serious side effects, cheap and extremely effective.


Nancy and I have devoted most of our time and energy to trying to communicate these ideas and facts to others and hope to continue to do so for, at least, another 60 years or so! You gotta have Goals!!


I hope you will strive to live a healthy, vital life and lifestyle. If you are having difficulty, please let US help YOU! Visit one of our many web sites, but especially our Lifestyle Site.



I am COO and Lifestyle Counselor at Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living near Orlando Florida. We they promote a Plant Based Lifestyle.