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I am a graduate of the University of Houston with a degree in Psychology.  While I have not had the opportunity to utilize this degree directly, I have found it enables me to counsel and help may individuals seeking to improve their health, wellness and achieve longevity.  As a cancer survivor by means of a Plant Based Nutritional Protocol, I can offer much in the area of dealing with cancer.  I was diagnosed in 2010 and chose to take a Wholistic Plant Based Approach and so far it seems to have worked.


As a Health/Wellness coach I help patients their doctors’ directives to prevent, manage, or reverse disease or illness and bring about habit/lifestyle changes in order to deal with health/wellness challenges. Lifestyle and Habit change is where, as your health coach, I offer value in the healthcare marketplace.  I spend the TIME with you that your doctor or healthcare professionals cannot give.  I offer a focus on Health through Nutrition that your healthcare professional just may  have never received during their training.  In many cases this will reduce or eliminate your need for pharmaceutical drugs as your health improves naturally. I have combined these skills to provide a Unique Consulting Service focused on Total Health which encompasses Plant Based Cuisine and Individual Health and Longevity.


I have devoted much of my time to research and learning about how Lifestyle contributes to overall Health & Wellness.  As a Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor, I understand how lifestyle changes can impact the progression/reversal of disease.  This background has provided me with an understanding how to build a healthy and vital lifestyle to support the strenuous work demands of today's overburdened work associates.


I have written and published many articles in respected international journals and in social media as well as on our own many web sites. I have recently published & co-publishes several books dealing with health, wellness and longevity. Most are available at my Publishing Site


I apply my degree in Psychology during health and wellness counseling sessions to ease clients into a new lifestyle and begin the journey to health and wellness.  My degree in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Houston, provides an excellent background for my Lifestyle Counseling practice.


Citizenship:             United States of America


Education:               B. S. Science

                                University of Houston, Houston Texas


Certification:           CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor

                                CDP -  Certificate in Data Processing

                                USUI Method of Natural Healing


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