Broken Healthcare
Skip Stein
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Healthcare System is Broken and Corrupt

Stop Treating People to Death!


America’s Healthcare Industry is broken and corrupt.  The decades old focus on treatment instead of Prevention has left Americans Fat, Sick and Dying.  It is a travesty that the healthcare industry has focused on profit instead of healing.  The doctor’s job has become a profitable enterprise of dispensing dangerous but profitable drugs, slicing and dicing and irradiating people.  This has replaced the original purpose of a physician to make the patient better!


New doctors don’t accept or take the Hippocratic oath and were never really bound by it.  It is also a fallacy that there is a “First, do no harmů” clause anywhere.  Some medical schools actually let the graduating students write their own ‘oath’; sort of like writing your own marriage vows.  So, forget about thinking your doctor is bound by some ‘higher calling’, for most, it is all about the money!


For sure, there are some most excellent physicians who truly do want to heal and prevent disease but they are few.  Some of the best doctors are usually found in the emergency room and trauma centers.  Most doctors are only trained to dispense drugs, perform surgery, administer radiation and other barbaric mostly debilitating treatments.  In many to most cases the side effects of the ‘treatments’ are, all too often, worse than the disease they purport to treat.


Doctors today ask you to determine the symptoms.  They rush you in/out, never seeking the CAUSE of your ailment but rush to the prescription pad to give you a toxic drug that will only treat the symptom.  If you don’t understand the CAUSE there will never be a CURE.  The medical industry makes billion$ off this more modern approach to medicine.


There are no more Dr. Marcus Welby’s, few, if any, Dr. Gregory House’s.  These TV doctors, much like the old country doctor of ages gone by, fought tooth and nail for the patient to determine the CAUSE of the disease then proceed to identify a remedy that would bring about a cure.  Many, if not most, of today’s most debilitating and deadly diseases are caused by the patient’s Lifestyle.  Heart Disease, most cancers, diabetes 2 and others are mostly Preventable and Reversible by adjusting/changing your lifestyle.  Prevention is Always preferable to treatment.


Many to most of these lifestyle diseases are rooted in the Standard American Diet that contains little to no nutritional value.  Most doctors are totally unaware of nutrition, it’s impact on health or it’s benefit in a curative sense.  In fact, my oncologist told me point blank that what I ate has no bearing on my cancer, my health or my lifespan.  If I had listened to that asshole, I’d be DEAD by now.


As long as the physicians ignore the CAUSE of disease there will be a continuing cycle of diagnosis, treatment, and death.  Politicians are owned by the lobbyists who represent the companies that contribute to the poor health of America.  They suppress information about dangerous drugs, harmful foods, deadly treatments that seldom cure anything, and work to promote their product instead of demonstrating an ounce of concern for their customers.


It has become a vicious cycle.  Lousy nutrition, caused by processed and high fat foods with little nutritional value, compounded by the dangerous additives, preservatives and colorings and more are advertised to kids and adults alike.  The drug commercials, that quickly cycle though the dangerous side effects are promoted to the patient, not the physician.  You have patients demanding deadly drugs and doctors, all too willing, to prescribe them.


So, we come to the current issue in our Congressional Circus.  The idiots of both parties are controlled by the special interests who have absolutely NO INTEREST in promoting American’s Health & Wellness.  Since there is no money to be made keeping Americans healthy there is nothing that Congress will ever do to focus on Prevention/Reversal of disease.  It’s all about the treatment of symptoms, the money-making cycle of poor dietary lifestyle causing lifestyle diseases that feed the healthcare industry in a constant cornucopia of money making treatments.  When one patient dies, there are thousands waiting in the lobby to be Treated to Death!


It’s time, well beyond time, to start taking responsibility for your personal health.  Your doctor can’t or won’t do it.  In many cases the best path may be to just ignore your doctor, do your own research and learn to live a healthier lifestyle.  (It sure worked for me and many others.)  There are thousands of professionals who can help but you will seldom hear about them in any mainstream information channel.  If you do, it is in a suppressive, derogatory view, used to suppress the valuable and Lifesaving information available.


Just think about the Trillion$ of our hard-earned dollars that could be put to better use if we just stayed healthy. The amazing thing is that it is SO EASY.  In many cased you can just Eat Yourself Healthy with delicious and nutritious whole foods.  Try it, you will be surprised at the side effects of this simple treatment approach; Your Health, Energy and Vitality for decades to come!



Skip Stein is a Polymath Health & Wellness Lifestyle Counselor and Corporate Productivity Consultant focusing on the power of Whole Food Nutrition and the delicious nature of a Plant-Centric Lifestyle.