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“I swear by my life and my love of it that I will never live for the sake of another man, nor ask another man to live for mine.”

John Galt - Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand



You Get What You Pay For!

Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Loyalty ~ Respect


Some people work because they must;

I work because I enjoy it.


I've always believed that 'Brand YOU' was critical in any business enterprise.  One thing I've learned in all my years in business is that change is inevitable and that goes for the person and the 'Brand'. 


The Brand can Grow with YOU but you need to try and bring along the clients/people/friends/associates you have known previously.  I've gone through several iterations and continue to expand my 'Brand' into new lines of business and endeavors.  Growth is LIVING and we should all try to LIVE Life to the Fullest.


My name is Skip Stein and I founded HJS Enterprises in 1994 as an Information Technology Consulting Enterprise based on over 20 years in various lines of business as an IT Professional.  In 1998 I incorporated as Management Systems Consulting, Inc. a sub-S USA Corporation. In 2017 that company was dissolved and reorganized with a redirected focus to Healing, Health and Longevity with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living and it's linked enterprises.  I offer my skills as a Freelance Writer in multiple subject matter areas, including Health, Wellness, Longevity, technical issues and political information articles relating to these areas. My background represents a series of successful business engagements and business experiences from Europe, Hong Kong, Canada and across the USA. 


In today's world the Planet is getting smaller as networks, on-line communities and social networking expand into every facet of our human lives.  In addition, knowledge is expanding exponentially and the need to communicate succinctly is more important than ever.  My HJS Enterprises is the overall entity that functions as a gateway to all of my business interests.


I am now involved with Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living in partnership with my lovely wife, Chef Nancy.  Our health & wellness products and services include a variety of offerings. Our exciting venture Road Tripping USA is a travel enterprise focused on Healthy USA National Road Tripping; we hope to add Canada in the future. Our latest venture is directed towards the 'Boomer Generation (which includes us!). Retired and soon-to-be retired folks need assistance in this lifestyle transition and we aim to help!


As these new businesses developed over the years, they have evolved their own web presence and support vibrant internet domains with offerings of information, products and services. 


True to my primary business, I have maintained my focus on consulting services; they have just been broadened quite a bit.  While I have added selected products to our mix, we continue to deal primarily in consulting and advisory services directed towards Health, Wellness, Longevity.


Utilizing my over 50 years of business and entrepreneurship, I have taken up the additional role of Freelance Writer.  Utilizing my many years of experience I believe I can contribute great ideas and inspire others to Strive for Goals that will make their Life worthwhile, rewarding and happy.  I know I have had a wonderful life so far and want to be able to share ideas, experience and more to help others achieve their objectives in life.



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