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Skip Stein

Polymath Lifestyle Consultant

Senior Lifestyle Consultant

Office: 407.680.3914 ~ Cell: 407.683.6816

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I am a business professional having dealt with issues and solutions to problems in the areas of business systems processes, electronic commerce and Health & Wellness. I founded Management Systems Consulting, Inc., a sub-S Florida Corporation in 1998.  With a focus on enterprise-wide business analytics, process improvement and profit generation, I have been a leader in the organizational challenges and approach solutions that are inclusive and that work across the entire organization. 


I provide a complete skill set coupled with a professional business sense that provides me with the ability to understand complex business situations and ‘pare’ them down to achievable action steps.  I have the ability to bounce from technical discussions to business analytical reviews with senior management.  My drive, enthusiasm and team work skills allow me to define, develop and implement process solutions to complex problems.


I am well versed in financial systems and operations working several years in commercial banking industry and public accounting.  I have implemented Enterprise Resource Planning systems for manufacturing/distribution, electronics and pharmaceutical companies.  I have also designed and implemented various manufacturing/distribution/financial electronic transaction systems for major manufacturers in the USA, Europe and China.


I am now involved with international businesses, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, our health & wellness products and services, and our exciting venture, Plant-Based Road Trip, a travel enterprise. My Web Services, can provide you with your personal email and web site focused on individuals and small businesses.


As a mature person, I also work with people approaching retirement and help them focus on healthier lifestyles and active healthy living.  As a result, we formed our Plant Based Lifestyle Consulting practice.


I have devoted much of my time to research and learning about how Whole Foods contribute to overall Health & Wellness.  As a Nutritional Holistic Cancer Survivor, I understand how lifestyle changes can impact the progression/reversal of disease.  This background has provided me with an understanding how to build a health and vital lifestyle to support the strenuous work demands of today's executive.


I can offer my personal experience in dealing with Prostate Cancer and other personal challenges in the health area to those who may also be facing the, often daunting, issues involved with health and wellness.  I apply my degree in Psychology during health and wellness counseling sessions to ease clients into a new lifestyle and begin the journey to health and wellness.  My degree in Behavioral Psychology from the University of Houston,  provides an excellent background for Lifestyle Counseling practice.





United States of America

B. S. Business Management Psychology

University of Houston, Houston Texas

CISA - Certified Information Systems Auditor

CDP - Certificate in Data Processing