Reliance Medical
Skip Stein
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On July 20th, I visited Reliance Medical Center and saw a new Physician’s Assistant (Kathryn Lay) who was really great.  She renewed my prescription for Nifedipine for high blood pressure, even though it had caused some side effects in the past.  Figured it was working well, so I would see if things stabilized.  They didn’t!


I made a new appointment with Reliance for July 18th to see Katheryn Lay again to see if she could prescribe a different medication without the side effects.  I got to Reliance Medical Center 10 minutes early but had to wait as the front desk reception had only one person and was tied up with a gentleman (who had a mask down around his throat).  The receptionist had a mask on but below her nose.


The receptionist insisted that I wear a paper mask (provided) but I said I was drinking my water (always have a bottle of purified water) and was not sick, so respectfully declined.  She insisted but I asked if she had peer reviewed scientific analysis that a paper mask did Anything to stop a virus (this is all Covid related and CDC mandated)?  Further, I said that the CDC had just recently admitted to total mishandling of the Covid crisis and had changed guidelines for masks.  This did not phase her and she got up and excused herself; bringing back the Center Manager (Tanner Cash).


He told me I MUST wear a mask in ‘common areas’ of Reliance Medical Center and I asked WHY?  He said it was policy and I again asked for reliable medical analysis that proved masks were not more dentigerous as they trap bacteria and questioned him on how I could drink my water with a mask on?  He repeated that it was policy and if I refused, I must leave.  I asked him if he was making medical decisions and refusing my medical treatment scheduled.  He repeated that I must leave if I refused to wear a mask.  So I repeated that he, as a Center Manager was refusing me my scheduled medical treatment and he said yes and I must leave.  So, I left!


When I got to my car, I called the Reliance Number and selected the option for Complaints and talked to a woman, who was very polite, and explained my situation and that her Center Manger had refused to allow me my scheduled meeting with my Nurse Practitioner.  I repeated that I had requested, many times, a simple proof that masks worked against a virus and even she admitted that they did NOT.  I again asked WHY would they have such a policy to require patients seeking medical attention to wear a mask that DOES NOT WORK and she said she would be meeting with her boss in 30 minutes and that they would review this recorded call and I said “Great!”.  She said that she (didn’t get her name) or her manage would return this call in about 30 minutes.  It is now 09:30 on Friday the 19th of August and no call was received, message left or text received. 


I will be reporting this medical malfeasance to my insurance company (Care Plus HMO) and be seeking a more responsible medical practitioner.



Watch this movie. You will Never Trust a Medical Professional again. I sure as heck do NOT.  This exposed the EVIL CABAL that is the medical profession. Choose your doctor wisely. The good ones are rare!!!