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Skip Stein
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Honesty ~ Integrity ~ Loyalty ~ Respect


Some people work because they have to; I work because I want to!


I've always believed that 'Brand YOU' was critical in any business enterprise.  One thing I've learned in all my years in business is that change is inevitable and that goes for the person and the 'Brand'.  The Brand can Grow with YOU but you need to try and bring along the clients/people/friends/associates you have known previously.  I've gone through several iterations and continue to expand my 'Brand' into new lines of business and endeavors.  Growth is LIVING and we should all try to LIVE Life to the Fullest.


I started Management Systems Consulting, Inc., in 1998 as an Information Technology consulting company.  It had it's roots with my background in Computer Enterprise Technology and my work experience as an International IT Professional. My background represents a series of   successful business engagements and business experiences from Europe, Hong Kong, Canada and across the USA.


As the business matured, so did I and my associates. We have broadened our business enterprise interests well beyond the limited scope of computers and information technology.  In today's world the Planet is getting smaller as networks, on-line communities and social networking expand into every facet of our human lives.  In addition knowledge is expanding exponentially and the need to communicate succinctly is more important than ever.


As new business opportunities presented themselves, many were seized and folded into the organization as subsidiary organizations.  As a result, Management Systems Consulting, Inc. is now involved with international businesses, Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living, it's health & wellness products and services, and our exciting venture, Plant-Based Road Trip, a travel enterprise. MSC Web Services, can provide you with your personal email and web site focused on individuals and small businesses.


Our latest venture is directed towards the 'Boomer Generation' (which includes us!). Retired and soon-to-be retired folks need assistance in this lifestyle transition and we aim to help! We call ourselves: “NewTimers”. Check our latest site:


As these new businesses developed over the years, they have evolved their own web presence and support vibrant internet domains with offerings of information, products and services.  See the left side-bar for links.


True to it's primary business focus, I have maintained my focus on consulting services, they have just been broadened quite a bit.  While I have added selected products to our mix, we continue to deal primarily in consulting and advisory services.  These services span the Information Technology realm, the Travel and the Health & Wellness industries.


Please see the index of business offerings on the left side-bar of this page and explore our many and varied business offerings!